Support via Live Chat has been discontinued, we have decided to temporarily prioritise tickets over on our Discord Server while we await an update to our billing system to allow for in-built support tickets. You can also email [email protected] for e-mail support in the meantime. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hostaris Fair Usage Policy

The most up-to-date version of our fair usage policy.

  1. Bandwidth: Clients are allowed to burst up to 1Gbit/s for a considerably long amount of time, but if we feel that a client is causing other clients network to be degraded, we may enforce this policy and limit your bandwidth to 100Mbit/s

  2. CPU Usage: CPU cores on your server are shared between 2 or 3 people at maximum. You cannot consistently use 80% or more of your allocated CPU for more than 1 hour. Plans including and above 20GB are not included in this policy and can use their whole quota.

By using Hostaris services, you agree to abide by this fair usage policy. Violation of this policy may result in suspension or termination of your service. Hostaris reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.